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The Justice Jukebox: A Little Bit of Change

September 10, 2007

This post is inaugurates a new feature on this humble blog — the Justice Jukebox. Every week or so (don’t expect anything too regular from a guy who calls himself Lackadasia!) I’ll post a social justice song that makes me think, laugh cry, rant, rave or otherwise inspires me to a little bit of change.

little-bit-of-change.jpgIt’s only appropriate to launch the Jukebox with the song that gave this blog its name — “A Little Bit of Change.” It was written by my wife, Barbara Ballenger, and is the title track of a CD she recorded when she worked in a performing arts ministry called Beacon Street, based in Cleveland, OH. The inspiration for it was a trip we took to New Orleans B.D. (Before Deluge). You can read her account of that trip and how she came to write this on “The Song” page. Barb Ballenger – A Little Bit of Change – 00 – A Little Bit of Change [1].mp3]

You can order the complete CD from Beacon St.

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