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Brother, can you spare some time?

October 17, 2007

Blink — there went another two weeks. And I just have had no time for this blog.

Partly it’s been trying to do the good work of social justice. I’ve been doing some things with our parish social justice committee, including taking part in an inspiring daylong retreat/workshop on the Just Faith program , an intensive 30-week program aimed at social justice formation. We’re thinking — really just a dreaming at this point — of embarking on this ambitious program at our parish. But we came away from the day very inspired. I’d be happy to hear about any experience any of you have had with Just Faith.

As I’ve indicated in previous posts, I’ve also joined with a group of folks in the Pennsylvania 5th District Peace Project, which is trying to get U.S. Representative John Peterson to reconsider his support for the Iraq War, and be more responsive to peace and justice concerns more generally.

Partly of course its spending the time I need to with family. When it comes to marriage and kids, you just need to be there. Blog be damned.

But mostly its been all about work. I have some writing and editorial deadlines that are taking up time, and that will put me behind in teaching, which will put me behind in adminstrative stuff, which will put me way behind for the next round of writing deadlines (let’s not even talk about research) — the busy spiral of academic life. But I’ll try to form some thoughts and release them into the stream as I can.

I’m not complaining mind you. Even though I am pretty near the bottom of the academic pecking order (renewable multi-year contract rather than tenure track) I recognize that I am not only a privileged professional, but I am among the very small minority of people who thoroughly enjoy their work. But, as I should blog about some time, I do find the whole deal a bit morally suspect. I certainly don’t want to kid myself that my little gig playing with ideas for fun and profit is going to change the world. One of the reasons for this blog. How do we change the world.

But, when they pay you, you dance….. And so some of the best intentioned people I know are just too busy to work for peace, too busy to work for justice. Not only will the revolution not be televised, it will not fit your schedule.

Change won’t be easy.

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