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Remember the Victims in Bangladesh

November 21, 2007

If my Yahoo news reader is any indication of popular consciousness, Americans will have a hard time being aware of the extreme suffering endured by many thousands of people in Bangladesh in the wake of Cyclone Sidr. In the hour I took composing my Thanksgiving post below, news of the cyclone moved from the top to the bottom of the “top story” category (it had only made it there, evidently, because thousands of hungry people had “overun” an aid station with insufficient supplies of food aid. Their suffering evidently does not merit a “Full Coverage” page in the Yahoo universe.) Within another hour it will likely require a search to retrieve any information about the tragedy, buried under stories about the violence we have sown around the world, and the “suffering” of the privileged as they endure heavy traffic in their holiday travels.

We cannot forget the sufferings of our fellow humans, no matter how distant. Search for information, help if you can:

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