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Things I wish I’d Blogged in ’08: Redeeming Christmas

January 6, 2009

For Advent 2007, I wrote a series of posts describing how dissatisfied I have become by the way that we (both as secular society and as Church) have come to celebrate Christmas, and suggested some alternatives. I have been heartened that a growing number of people seemed to share that view, as evidenced by how many views those posts have gotten and the rising prominence of resources like Redefine Christmas, a website that encourages and facilitates charitable giving in place of the excessive gifting with meaningless things.

But when the Black Friday orgy of Xmas shopping began with a Wal- Mart worker being trampled to death by thousands of frantic bargain hunters, it seemed there was alas more to say on this. But I’m afraid I was too busy actually engaged in counter-cultural Christmas preparations (e.g., marking the days of advent with our children through the Jesse Tree tradition – and failing to do so (e.g. up late at night hunting ebay for American Girl gear and Kingdom Hearts II. I’m ok with getting some stuff for my kids and (mostly) with the stuff that we get, but it still feels wrong to burden Christmas with it).


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